Counseling Psychology Plantation

Counseling Psychology Plantation
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Counseling Psychology Plantation

Counseling can help people to overcome obstacles in their life in the areas of relationships, career, or other personal goals. When life challenges repeat themselves and you feel that you are in a rut, counseling can provide insight, understanding, and solutions to specified concerns. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen is a licensed Plantation psychologist who provides counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults. She provides teen counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. Counseling can help improve depression, anxiety, stress, anger, mental disorder symptoms, and other areas of life conflict.


Professional Plantation Counseling

Counseling begins by building trust between the therapist and the client. Both parties’ talk and listen to one another. The counselor also observes the emotions, thoughts, and behavior of the client in order to properly evaluate the problem that needs attention. Counseling psychology in Plantation enables an individual to understand the cause of unwanted behavior, thoughts, or feelings in order to make positive changes for improvement in these areas. People that receive counseling receive guidance, support, and solutions that help guide them though current life difficulties.

Achieve Life Goals with Counseling in Plantation

Counseling can help an individual to resolve persistent problems and repetitive patterns of behavior. A person who has difficulty with social situations, self-assertion, relationship commitments, or other concerns can find tools to help them overcome obstacles and obtain personal achievements/goals. Counseling can also help people to alleviate emotional stress and promote healthy, beneficial change. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen helps her clients to develop inner strengths and skills that enable them to live the life they desire. To schedule a counseling Plantation appointment call (954) 577-0075 or send an email to There is further information about the benefits of counseling psychology in Plantation in the Therapy-testing website.


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