Family Counseling Plantation

Family Counseling Plantation
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Family Counseling Plantation

 The family relationship is like no other. It influences all members of the unit. When families begin to experience destructive patterns of interaction family counseling can be a solution. Family counseling enables family members to address and modify obstacles. It teaches family members how to improve communication and avoid arguments. Family counseling can be a solution for more effective problem resolution. Plantation Family therapy can help when family dynamics and functioning is problematic. Family counseling provides a safe, neutral environment where family members meet with a licensed family therapist. They build trust and work towards sharing thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the family and internal relationships.


Family Counselor Plantation

Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen is a licensed Plantation psychologist who works with families to improve their relationships. Many events or occurrences can create barriers within the family. Divorce, a family loss, relocation, financial changes, adolescence, and substance abuse are just a few of the instances that can lead to family conflict. Through communication, the family can resolve conflict and rebuild the bond between parents, children, and siblings. The family can learn how to discuss concerns in a positive and respectful way. This can be a concern with families of teens. As teens draw away from the family and seeks independence, communication between adolescents and parents can become strained. Family therapy can reconnect families as their children transition into adulthood.

Family Therapist Plantation

Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen is very experienced as a family counselor. She has had a great deal of success in helping families to resolve family issues and obstacles. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen and her colleagues are available to answer any questions you may have about family counseling or how it may benefit you. To inquire about family counseling in Plantation call (954) 577-0075 or send an email to You can also complete the online contact form on the Therapy-testing website. You do not have to live with daily conflict; there is help in family therapy.

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