Plantation Therapist Helps Teens Cope with Stress at School

Plantation Therapist Helps Teens Cope with Stress at School
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Cope with Stress at School


Cope with Stress at school… Plantation Therapist Helps Teens Cope with Stress

Teens of this generation are faced with a variety of obstacles at school, home, friendships, and romantic relationships. Teen and young adolescents experience a range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they transition from children to adults. Responsibilities and the pressure to be successful increase. Stress escalates this mix of emotions and can lead to relationship conflicts and behavioral issues. Adolescent and Teen Therapy can help individuals to express thoughts and feelings through a healthy outlet, while teaching them how to reduce & Cope with Stress at school, build coping skills, and improve communication with family, friends, and social relations. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen, Psy D. is a licensed Plantation Therapist that specializes in teen counseling. She provides teen counseling from her private practice located on south University Drive in Plantation, Florida.


Who Benefits from Teen Counseling

Teens often experience a fluctuation in moods and hit and miss communication with parents. When a teen experiences a dramatic change in mood, sleep patterns, appetite, academics, social functioning, or other behavior this may be a sign that he or she could benefit from teen therapy. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen has many years of experience working with teens and adolescents to discuss their life concerns and learn how to express concerns in a positive and healthy manner. Teens may be experiencing self harming behavior, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, anger, or depression. Counseling can help teens to express emotions and work towards changing negative patterns of behavior. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen is a Plantation, therapist with clinical experience helping teens with mood difficulties, depression, self-esteem, adjustment, family issues, and other life conflicts. Therapy can help both teens and their families to overcome life challenges and build healthier relationships.


Learn More about Teen Counseling

Parents worried about their teen’s emotional state, problem behavior, or those experiencing daily conflict can learn more about teen counseling by calling (954) 577-0075. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen, Psy D. and her fellow Plantation Therapists are available to discuss teen counseling services and answer any questions about helping teens and adolescents with life conflicts. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen also provides family counseling from her Plantation practice. She can help teens and their families to avoid escalation when facing communication barriers and to maintain rational thinking and responses.


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