Psychological Testing Plantation

Psychological Testing Plantation
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Psychological Testing Plantation

Dr. Helene Schwartz Cohen is a licensed psychologist who provides psychological evaluations in Plantation & Psychological Testing Plantation, Florida. A psychological evaluation identifies an individuals personal strengths and weaknesses in areas of cognition, learning ability, emotional, and behavioral function in order to help the individual make positive changes in themselves or their situations in order to obtain personal goals and improve their life. Psych testing in Plantation helps an individual to identify personal areas of strength, weakness, and concern. The psychologist speaks with the client in order to learn about their concerns (social, emotional, behavioral aspects) that may be causing conflict and dissatisfaction. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen begins this process with a clinical interview where she speaks with the client in order to understand their concerns. A variety of psychological tests will then be administered to test areas such as personality, emotional well being, academic achievement, neurological damage, or psychological disturbances and their severity. Once these tests are completed, Dr. Schwartz-Cohen will then assess the tests and create a written report on her findings. The report and diagnosis will be discussed with the client and recommendations for treatment provided if applicable. 

Psychological Evaluation in Plantation

Depending on the psychological evaluation results a person may benefit from counseling, specialized therapy (speech, addiction, etc.), or find relief with a prescribed medication. A person may suffer from anxiety, depression, uncontrolled stress, anger, or a neurological disorder such as bi-polar disorder. By receiving proper diagnosis after a psychological test and evaluation, a person can discover underlying factors of life conflict and discover solutions for relief, personal growth, and improved mental health. A psychological evaluation can help an individual to gain insight into the causes of conflict and dissatisfaction in their life as well as find a positive and effective solution for a more satisfying life.

Psych Testing in Plantation

Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen, Psy.D. provides psychological testing and evaluations from her Plantation, Florida office. Testing can be scheduled by making an appointment online, over the phone, or by email. Internet users can complete the online contact form on Dr. Schwartz-Cohen’s website. They also have the choice of calling her office directly by dialing (954) 577-0075 or by sending an email to Discover what is causing conflict in your life and receive support, guidance, and solutions with psychological evaluations in Plantation.

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