Teen Counseling Plantation

Teen Counseling Plantation
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Teen Counseling Plantation

As children become teens, they experience a variety of changes in their body, mood, thoughts, and feelings. Teens begin to draw away from the family and search for greater independence. Arguments may stir easily as teens become defiant. Though these are typical challenges that teens and their families face there are a great deal of experiences that can lead a teen to depression, drug or alcohol experimentation, sexual promiscuity, or other more important concerns. Teen counseling can help adolescents freely discuss their thoughts, feelings, or concerns with a professional, Plantation counselor. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen provides teen counseling from her Plantation office located directly across from the Broward Mall on University Drive.


Benefits of Teen Counseling

Teens can feel embarrassed and begin to become more private with their conversations concerning their body, relationships, friends, and other topics. A teen counselor is a neutral party that provides no judgment. Self-esteem, sexuality, and drug or alcohol use can be very difficult topics for teens to discuss with their parents. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen can help teens understand their emotions and behavior in a comfortable and trusting environment. Teens can also learn how to make positive behavioral changes that will enable them to experience personal growth and well being. Teen counseling can help teens dealing with depression, peer pressure, bullying, eating disorders, and other life struggles. Problems are a part of life, but obstacles do not have to affect a teen negatively. They can face obstacles/conflict and develop greater inner strength through counseling.

Teen Suicide Prevention

Today’s teens face more challenges than their parent’s had to experience. Cyber bullying, sexuality harassment, and increased peer pressure surrounds teens throughout their day. Teen suicide is at an all time high. If your teen exhibits changes in behavior such as withdrawl, risky behavior, aggression, substance abuse, or your teen seems depressed you should take these signs seriously. Teens suffering from depression need support. A complete list of teen suicide risk factors are available online by searching teen depression. You can also contact the national suicide hotline (800-273-8255) if you suspect your teen is suicidal. There is help for your teen. Counseling can help improve your teen’s outlook on life and reduce their depression symptoms. To request information about teen counseling call (954) 577-0075.

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