Therapist in Plantation Florida

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Therapist in Plantation Florida

Therapy is proven to be beneficial for improving a variety of life conflicts. Therapy can help couples to resolve conflict and strengthen their relationships. It can help improve the connection of teens and their families. It can help people improve their self-esteem, combat eating disorders, or over come the challenges of a mental illness. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen provides couples and marriage therapy, individual counseling, adolescent/teen therapy, and family counseling. There are times in life when we experience stress, conflict, and transitions that can influence us in a negative manner. Therapy (psychotherapy) uses communication (talking and listening) to discuss emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are undesirable. Therapy can help people to make changes in themselves and their situations for improved health and well being.


Self Discovery with Plantation Therapy

Therapy enables a person to learn more about him or herself. They may be experiencing sadness, anger, and frustration without knowing the true reason why. Therapy can help uncover underlying factor of concern and help a person to resolve these factors for a happier life. Plantation therapist Dr. Schwartz-Cohen teaches her clients how to develop greater inner strength, coping skills, and improved communication. She provides therapy services from her Plantation, Florida office directly across from the Westfield Broward Mall on University Drive.

Stress Relief and Management with Therapy

Many of us are unaware of how much our thoughts, feelings, and behavior are affected by stress. Uncontrolled stress cannot only cause emotional concerns it can also be harmful to a person’s physical health. Anxiety, depression, anger, and other areas of concern can be reduced with stress management. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen teaches her clients tools for relieving and controlling personal stress. To inquire about therapy in Plantation call (954) 577-0075 or send an email to

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