Myths About Therapy

Myths About Therapy
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Myths About Therapy

Many people have a negative view about attending therapy. Many of the views are misunderstandings that can prevent people from seeking help and getting better. The following are some myths about therapy and answers to why they are not true.

1. Myth: Therapy is for people with “serious” issues.

Fact: To see a therapist you do not need a psychological disorder, or have serious issues going on in your life. Psychologists are there to help you through your smallest problems and biggest problems. Waiting only exacerbates problems and makes them that much harder to untangle and resolve. There’s no shame in wanting a better life.

2. Myth: Therapy is common sense.

Myths About Therapy- Dr. Cohen, Psychologist. Plantation, Florida.

Myths About Therapy

Fact: Many people believe it takes common sense to solve every day problems and that all therapists do is rehash that common knowledge. Howes stated, “Common sense is wisdom that applies to everyone, but therapy gives insight, which is wisdom unique to you.” Therapy gives you a place where you only focus on you. It provides alternative ways to address issues and solve them. This trained expert is here to work with you in understanding your goals and guiding you to reach those goals.

3. Myth: Therapy is unnecessary because you can just talk to family and friends

Fact: We all have that friend in our life that is always there for us and gives us advice but therapy is very different from relationships with friends and family. Therapists have gone through training in handling cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational issues. Therapy is devoted to you only. Typically with friends you go back and fourth discussing discussing each others issues and never fully focus on one problem. Also with friends you may sugarcoat what you are trying to solve. The nice thing about therapy it is confidential. It allows you to fully discuss your problems with zero judgments and an understanding that no one else will know your problems.

4. Myth: People who go to therapy are weak

Fact: Are people who go to doctors, to0 weak to heal themselves? Of course not! that would be silly. Seeking help for your problems allows you to take action and heal yourself mentally and emotionally. Even the most successful people have had to ask for help at least one time in their lives.

Myths About Therapy

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