Natural Treatment For Depression

Natural Treatment For Depression
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Natural Treatment For Depression

Many people are quick to use anti-depressants when they are feeling down. Tears can be a healthy emotion and sadness doesn’t always need treatment. Before giving medicine a try its worth considering some natural treatments that might help lift your mood.

Natural Treatment For Depression. Dr. Helene Cohen, Psychologist. Plantation, Florida.

Natural Treatment For Depression

The following are some natural treatments for depression: 

1. Figure out why you might feel depressed. Often times someone may feel depressed because of something that just happened in their life. It is not always caused by biochemical imbalances.  Try to figure out what recent events have lead you to feel down.

2. Get some exercise and move your body. When you exercises it releases endorphin’s, which make you happier. Endorphin’s are a natural anti-depressants.

3. Don’t skip a meal. Eating keeps your blood sugar stable which reduces the chances of having mood swings.

4. Eat a diet that enhances the release of serotonin. Many antidepressants help increase serotonin levels. You can also increase serotonin levels by eating foods that boost them.

Foods that enhance levels of serotonin include:

  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil
  • High protein, especially tryptophan

5. Cut out caffeine in your diet. Caffeine reduces serotonin levels. If you need something that helps give you energy, try taking L-Tyrosine (500-1000MG)

6. Increase Vitamin D levels. Go out and get some sunlight to help increase your Vitamin D. If you don’t have time to get natural sunlight, invest in a therapeutic light box.

7. Meditation. Meditation impacts your moods by finding ways to lift your moods up. Meditation has many positive health benefits.

8. Make sure your hormones are balanced. If your hormones are out of whack, your moods can shift and become out of control. Check with your doctor to see if that can be the problem.

The following are different hormones to check:

  • Thyroid glands
  • Adrenal glands
  • Sex hormones

9. Talk it out with someone. Try seeing a therapist, psychiatrist, or life coach. Sometimes finding someone you trust will help you work through your feelings.

If all of these fail, don’t beat yourself up if you need anti-depressants. It is important to remember to nurture yourself.

Natural Treatment For Depression

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