Ways To Love Yourself More

Ways To Love Yourself More
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Ways To Love Yourself More

Ways To Love Yourself More. Helene Cohen, Psychologist, Plantation, Florida.

Ways To Love Yourself More

Many people are harsh with themselves and continue bring themselves down every day. Underneath it all these thoughts stem from lack of self-compassion and self-care. The following are 26 ways to love yourself more:

1. Drop self-judgement 

2. Stay Present. 

3. Do What Brings You Energy. 

4. Put Self-Care First. 

5. Allow for the Hurts. 

6. Be Your Own Reliable Companion. 

7. Show Up for Yourself. 

8. Start with Boundaries. 

9. Say YES to Yourself. 

10. Let Yourself Fail. 

11. Tell the Truth. 

12. Remember: You are Born Innocent. 

13. Ask Good Questions. 

14. Tame Your Inner Self-Talk. 

15. Put Your Oxygen Mask on First. 

16. Choose to Swim. 

17. Be Your Own Perfect Mother. 

18. Practice Moment by Moment. 

19. Forgive Yourself. 

20. Allow for the Unpredictable. 

21. Discover Your Weird. 

22. Say “I’m Sorry.”

23. Recognize You’re Not Alone. 

24. Be Kind. 

25. Accept It All. 

26. Stop Expecting Perfection. 


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