Custody Assessments
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Custody AssessmentsCustody Assessments

Custody Assessments or Evaluations

What is a Custody Evaluation?

A custody evaluation is a report ordered by a court in divorce proceedings. When an agreement about the custody and visitation of children cannot be reached, an evaluation is done to recommend what is in the child’s best interests. The evaluator, usually a psychologist, will gather information about your family and make a recommendation for a parenting plan.

What does a Custody Evaluation involve?

A Custody Assessment or evaluation may differ depending on individual circumstances. However, in general, the evaluator may meet with each parent individually for an interview, as well as with each child. The evaluation may include direct observation of each parent with the children. The evaluator can also request that certain psychological tests be completed to give more information.

What will be in the Custody Evaluation Report?

The custody evaluation report will include recommendations for a custody and visitation plan. This can include suggestions for how to address and handle conflict, holidays, and medical decisions. The evaluator can suggest the family, parents, and our children attend therapy to assist with the difficulty of transitioning after divorce.