Dan Sheridan, Ph.D.
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Dan Sheridan, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Resident

Dan Sheridan Ph.D. - Plantation Psychological AssociatesDan Sheridan received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami. During his training, Dan Sheridan received extensive experience in individual and group counseling and has treated a variety of psychological concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and self-esteem. Dan Sheridan also specializes in therapy with gender specific issues and has worked closely with YES Institute, a non-profit organization located in South Miami specializing in issues related to gender and sexual orientation.

Theoretically, Dan Sheridan practices from a psychodynamic perspective, an empirically-validated approach which has demonstrated efficacy in treating a wide-array of psychological and emotional concerns. In practice, this translates to treating the entirety of a person, which includes careful attention and appreciation of childhood, family, and relationship experiences both past and present. Most importantly, Dan Sheridan believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship. As his patient, Dan  Sheridan will provide a safe and comfortable space, free from judgment or criticism, where you can being to understand and overcome the pain have experienced and are currently experiencing in your life.

In addition to clinical work, Dan Sheridan is a published author in a number of empirical journals and has presented several times at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. Most notably, Dan Sheridan won first-place in a university-wide competition for his dissertation examining risk and protective factors in the coming-out process for sexual minority people and was also selected as Outstanding Doctoral Student in his department.

Dan Sheridan looks forward to working with you.