Fitness Coaching
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What Is Fitness Coaching?

Fitness coaching moves beyond simply teaching a person how to lift weights, run or exercise, and instead, teaches a person how to think like an athlete. Incorporates concepts from kinesiology, motor learning, biomechanics, and motivation, fitness coaching teaches a person how to person at their very best physically, emotionally and spiritually in the arena of physical performance. Fitness coaching can be applied to simply becoming more fit and losing weight, or to sports performance and competition.

Who Would Benefit From Fitness Coaching?

Certainly everyone can benefit from fitness coaching, but for those who feel that there are internal barriers to their success — such as performance anxiety, fear, stress, or injuries — would be most helped by fitness coaching. Additionally, those who have been struggling with fitness goals for some time — such as trying to lose weight, complete a marathon, or achieve a certain level of success in sport — will benefit from the comprehensive approach the fitness coaches applies.

 How Can A Fitness Coach Help You?

A fitness coach takes a comprehensive look at your fitness pursuits — whether they be weight loss or sports performance and competition — to uncover just what might be holding back your best performance. From that point, fitness coaching uses a targeted approach to overcome barriers to success. Teaching you how to live, think, and act as an athlete, fitness coaching will then leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve your fitness goals — on or off the field.