Individual Counseling Plantation
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Individual Counseling PlantationIndividual Counseling Plantation

At Dr. Cohen & Associates, we offer individual counseling Plantation.  On our practice, we work with individuals on a variety of personal, couples, and family issues through counseling.  We often speak with our clients about work-related, medical, financial, professional or interpersonal difficulties.  We will work with you to explore your personal history and how it may relate to your present stressors or conflicts.  

Our Goal… Individual Counseling Plantation

It is our goal to help our clients identify roadblocks to healthy coping and finding happiness in their lives.  Often we work with each individual within a couples or family initially (for several sessions), to better understand the way the couple or family unit may be functioning.  When we explore individual struggles, we can often locate the source of the stress, sometime involving the individual beliefs, expectations or desires, which have not been effectively communicated.  We are here to help, CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step in reaching out for help.