Surrogacy Evaluations
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Surrogacy EvaluationsSurrogacy Evaluations

Surrogacy Evaluations or Assessments 

What is a surrogacy evaluation?

A surrogacy evaluation is an assessment of an individual who is considering being a surrogate for another person or family. The evaluation for surrogacy includes a clinical interview, performed by a psychologist. The interview is designed to get to know you better to determine if you will be a good fit as a surrogate. The surrogacy evaluation will also provide you with information to help prepare you for what is to come. During your evaluation, the psychologist will likely require you complete testing to better inform the evaluator.

What is the purpose of a surrogacy evaluation?

The purpose of completing a surrogacy evaluation is to not only get to know you better, but also to help determine motivations for serving as a surrogate, your ability to follow through as a surrogate, and look for patterns of psychological and emotional stability. The assessment and testing will help identify personality traits that may impact your ability to serve as a surrogate. In addition, the evaluation is designed to help prepare you as a surrogate for issues that may arise.

What other topics might be addressed in a surrogacy evaluation?

While your medical history may not be reviewed, the evaluator completing your assessment will ask questions related to family and personal history of mental health. The surrogacy evaluation will also provide an opportunity to discuss decisions that may arise in the event of a problem pregnancy, multiple embryos, fetal reduction, as well as communication and contact with the parents and/or offspring.