Weight Loss Coaching
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Weight Loss Coaching

What Is Weight Loss Coaching?

Weight loss coaching is a unique opportunity for those looking to lose weight either for the first time, or for those who have been struggling with weight loss for some time. Using a holistic approach, weight loss coaching incorporates all aspects of weight loss — changing habits, changing internal core beliefs, changing relationships (especially with food), changing sense of personal strength, and even changing long held personal goals and pursuits. In this way, weight loss coaching takes weight loss to a whole new level teaching a person not just what to eat and how to exercise, but how to live as a healthy person.

Who Would Benefit From Weight Loss Coaching?Weight Loss Coaching - Dr. Helene Cohen Therapy-Testing - Plantation, FL

 Weight loss can be a very complex and internally bound process. What this means is that losing weight isn’t just about shedding pounds — it’s about changing who you are, how you look at yourself, others and the world. Therefore those who benefit most from weight loss coaching are those who believe that their weight gain has caused changes in behavior (i.e. They behave differently as a heavier person than they did when thin). In this case, not only does the weight need to change, but the behavior outside of the context of weight loss. Weight loss coaching best helps a person learn to live — and be happy — as a thin person.

 How Can Weight Loss Coaching Help You?

Weight loss coaching can teach you to unravel the complex issue of weight gain. Shedding light on eating behavior, weight loss coaching will help you understand just why you eat in the way that you do, and what the excess food might possibly be representing for you. Weight loss coaching can also help you understand how weight gain may have caused you to alter the way in which you see yourself, your sense of personal strength, relationships, and possibilities for yourself. From this point, weight loss coaching can teach you how to begin the process of building a life as a happy healthy person.